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About Kamikaze Cookery

Three geeks. Cooking. With science.

And explosions.

Described as “Top Gear with food and without that twat Clarkson” (by one of our mates, admittedly), we’re putting the “fun” back into “food”. Which means we’re making “funood”. And lots of it.

We’re taking cutting-edge “molecular gastronomy” techniques and explaining them with inept cookery and sweary stick figures. We subject traditional cookery - whether that’s a Gordon Ramsey recipe or irrational beliefs about “sealing meat” - to rigorous, sort-of scientific testing. And, we teach you how to cook good food. With Science.

Also, we sometimes soak ourselves in apple juice, burn ourselves with hot metal, blow things up or nearly starve to death trying to live on a diet invented by hippies.

In Season 0 of KKCook (we index properly), we mythbust herbal teas and preheated ovens, test out blowtorches, blenders, and celebrity chef cookbooks, try to reduce our food miles (then realise it’s pointless), and teach you how to cook a perfect steak with a vacuum cleaner, a thermometer and a blowtorch.

Cookery. Now with Science. Sort of.


(At the very least, you’ll get to see us hurt ourselves.)

Contact Us

If you want to contact us, you can email us at info at kamikazecookery [DOT] com. Or just comment on the blog or the episodes!

Your Hosts



Hot from the fast-paced world of playing games all day, Kamikaze Cookery’s Executive Producer has no cooking qualifications whatsoever. Not even a Domestic Science GSCE.

But he has cooked a full-scale Roman banquet, attempted to buy liquid nitrogen for culinary purposes, built his own laboratory water bath, and read everything Heston Blumenthal has ever written. Literally.

If you want even more Hugh for some reason, he’s also the curator of the MMO Melting Pot.



Alex attempted to tell us that he wasn’t a great cook when we started filming KKCook. But we told him to shut up and hold this blowtorch.

Now, armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of beer and chillis and more Wikipedia pages than porn sites on his browser history, he is Kamikaze Cookery’s Stuff That The Other Two Don’t Know About expert.



Paul informs us that he’s an excellent cook. None of us have ever eaten anything he’s made, although Hugh has watched him make a Shepherd’s Pie from mince three days past its sell-by date.

But he rants like Bill Hicks on a caffeine overdose (and with an English accent and none of the Goatboy rubbish), he’s sceptical of any cookery innovation that’s less than 8,000 years old, and he’s got a sweet hat.