Kamikaze Cookery Season 0 Part 1 DVD

Yes, the first Kamikaze Cookery DVD is now available, featuring:
    • The first six episodes of the series at top quality – see more accidentally-in-shot lighting rigs than you’ve ever seen before!
    • Full commentaries on all six episodes from Hugh, Paul and Alex. Learn what happened, what went wrong, and what episodes Alex was hung over whilst shooting.
    • Over twenty minutes of deleted scenes from the series, including more of Alex and Morag on the couch, the unexpurgated Jamie Oliver rant, and Alex and Paul on Heston Blumenthal
  • Bloopers reel – you’ll be amazed to hear that we get it wrong sometimes. Including Paul’s uncanny Jeremy Clarkson impression.
Buy it now for:




£ (GBP) 9.00

Kamikaze Cookery Swag

Kamikaze Cookery T-ShirtCover your upper front parts with a rampaging robot chef. There is no way in which this isn’t good.$19.99 (yes, it’s available worldwide)
Kamikaze Cookery MugDrink deeply of our wisdom. Or just stick a toothbrush in it.$13.99 (blah, available worldwide, blah)
Kamikaze Cookery Travel MugLike the other mug, but this one’s for Travel. It’s got little wheels and stuff.No, not really.

$23.99 (blah, available worldwide, blah)

Kamikaze Cookery BagWhen you’re buying your organic free range hallucinogenic bhang, put it in this bag, and everyone will know you’re doing it For Science.$15.99 (blah, available worldwide, blah)
Kamikaze Cookery ApronPrevent spattering to your bits. At least, the bits covered by this apron.$19.99 (yes, it’s available all over the world)

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