New Episode - Thermometers - and meat temperature guide as well!

It’s episode time! This week, I attempt to convert the other two to the Joy of Digital Thermometers. Plus, read on for my Handy Guide to Meat Temperature (as in the temperature you should cook the darn stuff at).


Note - the video won’t appear on the Index page or the Episodes page immediately. That’s because I’m currently in Singapore and there’s a minor issue with access to the server that I’m sorting out. Expect to see it there later in the day.

We mention in the video that we’ll be listing some temperatures that you can use to cook with. Well, here we go…

(I’ve added Fahrenheit temperatures by popular request.)

Beef and Lamb (lean) - 53C/128F for rare, if you’re confident of your source (do sear them on the outside). 57C/135F for medium-rare. 62C/144F degrees for medium-well done. Above that for shoe leather. Remember to let your meat rest before serving!

Chicken and Turkey - Realistically, above 70C/158F degrees if you’re not cooking sous-vide. No, that won’t dry them out too much. I find that chicken thighs are perfect about 75C/167F, and if I’m cooking them bone-in, I’ll take them to 80C/176F just to be sure I didn’t miss a cool spot.

Venison - Nothing above 57C/135F for lean meat. Again, remember to sear.

Fish - VERY much a matter of taste. 44-49C/111-120F will taste gorgeous for many fish, although there’s a small danger of nasties in there - if you’re cooking something that’s likely to be parasite-tastic, like swordfish, go to more like 60C/140F degrees. In general, white fish can easily be taken to about 60C/140F, red fish to much lower. There’s a lot of argument over the perfect temperature for tuna, but everyone agrees it’s somewhere in the 44-49C/111-120F range.

Sausages and hamburgers - ground meat means high chance of bacteria, so don’t fuck around here unless you’re really, really confident of your source. There’s a reason e. coli came to be known as the “hamburger bug”. Take ‘em to 70c/158F at least. I tend to take grilled sausages to 80C/176F, as otherwise I find they’re a bit watery.

Pork - As we indicate in the episode, if you’re certain of your source (UK or US), you can and should cook pork rare-ish for the best taste. 58-62C/137-144F ish should do it.

Anything you think I missed? Or do you like cooking to a different temperature?